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Dry Ice Blasting

dry ice blasting
dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting can be used in situations and industries where a clean end result is required that does not leave sand or water from conventional blasting media.

Dust Containment Issues Resolved

Dry ice blasting is a great solution to the problem of residual water or sand grit from conventional blasting materials. Because it is a cleaner way of blasting it can be used in more sensitive industries like food processing, disaster restoration and manufacturing where conventional sand grid might affect the equipment or final product.

Use dry ice blasting for cleaning and removing production residues, oils, mould, fire & smoke damage, biofilms, paints, contaminants and is used mostly for cleaning machinery, food equipment and sensitive electronic equipment.

How Does It Work?

Dry ice blasting is a new process that takes advantage of the boiling point and freezing point property of CO2 (carbon dioxide). This process uses solid CO2 or "dry ice" pellets as the blasting media. The dry ice pellets sublimate once they've hit the surface to be cleaned meaning they go right from solid ice, to vapour and skip the liquid phase completely. This leaves a clean, dry surface with no residue after the blasting is complete.

Effective For Mould Removal

Mould requires direct and complete cleaning in order to remove existing spores and inhibit future growth. Any matter that can support growth and all existing spores need to be removed to ensure the problem does not reoccur. The high pressure blasted dry ice is at temperatures of -78C. These amazing deep freeze temperatures result in the mould shrinking and detaching itself from the surface and any other spores to be terminated. Dry ice blasting is an effective and clean restoration process for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings when it comes to mould problems.

Effective For Fire & Smoke Damage

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning tool for the quick recovery from fire or smoke damage this process is highly effective on restoring indoor brick or outdoor stone. Brick paint removal and graffiti can also be done with this safe and non-toxic industrial cleaning solution. Because dry ice blasting is dry on contact smoke odour and soot are quickly removed from walls with no additional residue. Dry ice blasting can help you avoid costly replacement of cleanable materials like brick and can save you money!

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